Terms and Conditions

1. Accepting These Terms

This document and the other documents that we reference below make up our house rules, or what we officially call our Terms of Use (the “Terms” for short).

This contract sets out your rights and responsibilities when you use mirror-shop.com and the other services provided by Tmall International, so please read it carefully. By using any of our Services, you’re agreeing to the Terms. If you don’t agree with the Terms, you may not use our Services.

Our House Rules for Everyone. If you use any of our Services, you agree to these Terms, and our Privacy Policy.

2. Your Privacy

We know your personal information is important to you, so it’s important to us. Our Privacy Policy details how your information is used when you use our Services. By using our Services, you’re also agreeing that we can process your information in the ways set out in the Privacy Policy, so please read it here.

Tmall International processes members’ personal information, so we are therefore considered separate and independent data controllers of buyers’ personal information. Our responsibility is to keep your personal information secure once you have provided it to us.

3. Your Account with Tmall International

You don’t need to create an account with Tmall International to use our Services, however it can be handy for keeping track of orders and tracking information. Here are a few rules about accounts with Tmall International:

A. You must be 18 years or older to use our Services. Minors under 18 and at least 13 years of age are may only use our Services through an account owned by a parent or legal guardian. They must have appropriate permission and use the account under their direct supervision. Children under 13 years are not permitted to use Tmall International or the Services. You are responsible for any and all account activity conducted by a minor on your account because they can’t.

B. Be honest with us. Provide accurate information about yourself. It’s prohibited to use false information or impersonate another person or company through your account.

C. Choose an appropriate name. If you decide to not have your full name serve as the name associated with your account, you may not use language that is offensive, vulgar, infringes someone’s intellectual property rights, or otherwise violates the Terms.

D. You’re responsible for your account. You’re solely responsible for any activity on your account. If you’re sharing an account with other people, then the person whose financial information is on the account will ultimately be responsible for all activity. If you’re registering as a business entity, you personally guarantee that you have the authority to agree to the Terms on behalf of the business. Also, your accounts are not transferable.

E. Protect your password. You’re solely responsible for any activity on your account. It’s important you keep your account password secure.

4. Your Content

Content that you post using our Services is your content (so let’s refer to it as “Your Content”). We don’t make any claim to it, which includes anything you post using our Services.

A. Responsibility for Your Content. You understand that you are solely responsible for Your Content.

B. Reporting Unauthorised Content. Tmall International respects intellectual property rights, and is committed to following appropriate legal procedures to remove infringing content. If you wish to have content that you own or have rights to removed, please contact us. If Your Content is alleged to infringe another person’s intellectual property, we will take appropriate action. This may include disabling it if we receive proper notice or terminating your account if you are found to be a repeat infringer. We’ll notify you if any of that happens.

C. Inappropriate, False, or Misleading Content. There are certain types of content we don’t want posted on Tmall International’s Services. You must not post any that is in violation of any part of our Terms. This includes content that is abusive, threatening, defamatory, obscene, vulgar, or otherwise offensive. You also agree not to post any false and misleading content or which uses the Services in a manner that is fraudulent or deceptive.

5. Your Use of Our Services

License to Use Our Services. We grant you a limited, non-exclusive, non-transferable, and revocable license to use our Services – subject to the Terms and the following restrictions in particular:

A. Don’t Use Our Services to Break the Law. You agree that you will not violate any laws in connection with your use of the Services. This includes any local, state, federal, and international laws that may apply to you. You may not engage in fraud, theft, threatening conduct, or any other unlawful acts or crimes against Tmall International or a third party.

B. Don’t Steal Our Stuff. You agree not to crawl, scrape, or spider any page of the Services or to reverse engineer or attempt to obtain the source code of the Services.

C. Don’t Try to Harm Our Systems. You agree not to interfere with or try to disrupt our Services, for example by distributing a virus or other harmful computer code.

D. Follow Our Trademark Policy. The name “Tmall International” and the other Tmall International marks, phrases, logos, and designs that we use in connection with our Services (the Tmall International Trademarks), are trademarks, service marks, or trade dress of Tmall International in Australia and other countries.

E. Talk to Us Online. From time to time, Tmall International will provide you with certain legal information in writing. By using our Services, you’re agreeing that we can send you information electronically instead of mailing you paper copies and that your electronic agreement is the same as your signature on paper.

6. Termination

Termination By You. We’d hate to see you go, but you may terminate your account with Tmall International at any time from your account settings.

Termination By Tmall International. If we believe you have violated our Terms, we may terminate or suspend your account/access to the Services. You understand that you don’t have a contractual or legal right to continue to use our Services following termination. Generally, Tmall International will notify you that your account has been terminated or suspended.

If you or Tmall International terminate your account, you may lose any information associated with your account.

We May Discontinue the Services Tmall International reserves the right to change, suspend, or discontinue any of the Services for any or all users, at any time, for any reason. This includes those laid out in Tmall International’s policies under these Terms of Use. We will not be liable for the effect that any changes to the Services may have on you.

7. Warranties and Limitation of Liability (or the Things You Can’t Sue Us For)

Items You Purchase. You understand that Tmall International does not manufacture any of the items sold through our Services. You’re entitled to ask for a repair, replacement or refund when a product or service you buy fails to meet a consumer guarantee, in accordance with Australian Consumer Law. You can ask Tmall International for a free repair, replacement or refund, but you are not always entitled to one. For example, the consumer guarantees do not apply for change of mind.

Third-Party Services. Our Services may contain links to third-party websites or services that we don’t own or control. You may also need to use a third party’s product or service in order to use some of our Services (like a compatible mobile device to directly communicate with us). When you access these third-party services, you do so at your own risk.

8. Disputes with Tmall International

If you’re upset with us, let us know, and hopefully we can resolve your issue. But if we can’t, then these rules will govern any legal dispute involving our Services:

A. Governing Law. The Terms are governed by the laws of the State of Queensland, without regard to its conflict of laws rules, and the laws of the Australian Commonwealth.

B. Arbitration. Any dispute or claim arising from or relating to the Terms shall be settled by final and binding arbitration, administered by the Australian Competition & Consumer Commission (the “AAAC”). You can find the ACCC Rules here.

C. Costs of Arbitration. Payment for any and all reasonable ACCC filing, administrative, and arbitrator fees will be in accordance with the Consumer Arbitration Rules. H

D. Modifications. If we make any changes to this “Disputes with Tmall International” section after the date you last accepted the Terms, those changes will not apply. Tmall International will notify you of substantive changes to the “Disputes with Tmall International” section. If you disagree with the modified terms, you may send Tmall International a written notification or close your account. If you reopen your closed account or create a new account, you agree to be bound by the current version of the Terms.

9. Changes to the Terms

We may update these Terms from time to time. If we believe that the changes are material, we’ll definitely let you know by posting the changes through the Services and/or sending you an email or message about the changes. That way you can decide whether you want to continue using the Services. Our changes will be effective upon posting unless otherwise specified. Because you are responsible for reviewing and becoming familiar with any changes, your use of the Services following the changes constitutes your acceptance of the updated Terms.

If you have any questions about the Terms, please email us at lifebefantastic@gmail.com.

Last updated on 26 June, 2021